Fellows Program


Explanation & Purpose of the Program:  Each year The Straus Institute welcomes a critical mass of scholars of the highest quality as Fellows who spend ten months working on individual projects falling within the mission of The Straus Institute. Fellows are selected and invited by the Faculty Director, Professor Joseph Weiler, in consultation with his colleagues.  Fellows hail from a variety of disciplines and cultures and are provided with facilities and an intellectual community in which to conduct personal research and writing falling within a broad definition of law and justice. The complement of Straus Fellows is comprised of leading, established scholars, as well as promising standouts in the up-and coming-generation. The Institute aims to bring approximately half of the group each year from disciplines other than law.

Fellows contribute to the intellectual life of NYU School of Law and the wider community through various fora and an annual conference. Conversations among the Fellows during the year - along with workshops and seminars, and the intellectual synergies of the group - enhance the quality of the scholarship produced while creating life-long networks among the Fellows of the Institute. Works of scholarship resulting from Fellowships will appear in a series of publications of The Straus Institute including, where appropriate, on this website.

Location: The Straus Institute is housed in a large and wonderful classical rowhouse, renovated in 2009, on Washington Square just opposite the Law School. 22 Washington Square is an attractive working environment in terms of both its offices and its public spaces. 

Benefits for Fellows:  Fellows receive a living stipend currently set at US$100,000, as well as private office space.

All Fellows who are non-New York residents are provided with subsidized housing or a housing subsidy currently set at US$20,000 to offset the costs of moving to and living in New York City.  Compensation in this way allows Fellows to focus their energies as much as possible on their research projects.  The standard provision for NYU-sourced subsidized housing is for a high-end one-bedroom apartment; however, studio and two-bedroom apartments are also available.  For Fellows with families, additional housing assistance is provided.  Straus Institute staff assist Fellows in making all the necessary arrangements to ensure a smooth transition to, and stay in, New York City.

We may be able to providesome direction on taxation issues upon enquiry, however we are unfortunately unable to provide taxation advice.

Expectations of Fellows:

  • The Straus Institute aims to offer ideal conditions for pursuing research and writing during a sabbatical year (or year of leave) from one’s own Institution, taking full advantage of NYU School of Law, NYU in general, and New York City as a whole.
  • Fellows are expected to be in residence during the academic year.  Further, if a Fellow elects to take residence in NYU-organized housing, there is a minimum lease term which also applies.  
  • Fellows are not to accept other teaching commitments in New York or elsewhere during the Fellowship period.
  • Fellows are expected to take part in the intellectual life of the Institute, primarily a weekly lunch and the Fellows' Workshop in which the research projects of the Fellows will be presented, as well as annual colloquia and conferences.  More generally, Fellows may engage in other Law School activities and the intellectual life of the wider NYU community. However, we promise that the institutional burdens are minimal and the hospitality solicitous to your needs. Our main goal is to give the Fellows ample, satisfying facilities and a stimulating group of colleagues to enable them to further their research and produce first class scholarship.
  • We do expect something tangible such as an article, a completed book manuscript etc, to show – and if appropriate to post on The Institute’s Web site or publish in another Institute publication – at the end of the Fellowship or shortly afterwards. 
  • We accordingly also expect that the research plans of Fellows envisage a concrete research project for the year of Fellowship.  For Fellows-At-Large, the research project should involve the high-level study broadly in the areas of law & justice; for Thematic Fellows, the research project would ideally involve issues related to the chosen annual theme.    
  • A Fellow’s acceptance of The Institute invitation signifies that the financial conditions of Fellowship are such that he or she is able to spend the academic year in New York and to satisfy the residence requirements.