AK-47 – The Most Famous Weapon

The birth of this legendary weapon is first of all its ammunition, a cartridge of 7.62 mm gauge length 39 mm, called 7.62×39, which is inspired by the Mauser 7,92 mm known as Kurz (short) a specimen of the German troops during the Second World War served as a model.

Most armies used semiautomatic rifles, such as the M1 Garand, but more generally locked. These weapons filled long cartridges like the 7.92×57 Mauser, powerful and effective long range. But the low rate of fire, bulkiness and sharp recoil were all inconvenient, and machine pistols, such as the German MP40, were often preferred in close combat, although their handgun munitions more than one hundred meters. Soviet studies showed that even at a short distance, a thick winter garment sometimes stopped their bullets. The combined use of the rifle and the sub-machine gun also forced the infantry to provide two types of long-gun ammunition.

The German soldiers had the intuition that the ammunition and guns for sale of the rifle, designed to fire effectively at nearly eight hundred yards, was too powerful for the real distances of engagement, generally less than four hundred yards. They thus created a new cartridge, reducing the propellant charge and thus the length of the case in half, as well as a revolutionary weapon to use it, called Sturmgewehr 44. The Red Army soon had a few copies and appreciated this approach to the point of making Elisarov and Semine develop the equivalent from its 7.62×54 Nagant. The resulting 7.62×39 cartridge was adopted in 1943 and the Soviet arms manufacturers designed the corresponding weapons.

Mikhail Kalashnikov, a sergeant in an armored division, began to draw weapons such as ak47 parts while in hospital and convalescing after being wounded during the Battle of Briansk. Its first model, created in 1942, is a machine gun spread for the benefit of the PPS-43 of Soudarev. His semi-automatic rifle of 1945 fails Simonov’s SKS, which entered service in 1946. From 1945 to 1949, he designed several experimental models of assault rifles deemed interesting by the Soviet authorities, then left the army and is hired at the weapons factory IZHMASH, Izhevsk. Although he examined a Stg 44 in 1946, Mikhail Kalashnikov strongly denies having copied the German and Italian models, which confirms the comparison of the weapons, a certain general similarity, their operating principles are different. On the other hand, it seems that he was inspired by the M1 Garand and the arms of Browning during the design of the rotary breech and the dog.

In 1949 the Soviet army adopted, under the designation of AK-47 and art parts sale, one of its studies of 1947 as a rifle in the motorized infantry. A version with a folding butt for parachutists and armored crews is also put into service under the name of AKS. The weapon with aero precision, although satisfactory, is constantly modernized, especially for the purpose of simplifying its production, still complicated. After several experimental models in 1950 and 1951, a new version was adopted by the Red Army in 1953. Its designation remains AK-47 but it is often qualified as a light version because weighs only 3.8 kilograms loaded (instead of 4 , 3), thanks to the use of a machined drum integrating the cylinder head lock. The first pistol grip model, a metal frame welded and clad with wooden half-flasks, is replaced by a single piece of screwed wood. The previously smooth loaders are lightened and see their sides stiffened by the addition of reinforcing metal strips and a bayonet appears. This version will be the most produced AK-47 with aero precision lower, there is also a version with folding butt.

Country Russia, Russia

Semi-automatic automatic type

Manufacturer Kalachnikov

Date created 1947

Ammunition 7.62 mm M43

Mode of action gas

borne Rate of fire 600 rounds / min

Velocity 710 m / s

Maximum range 1500 m

Practical range 300 m

Mass ( unloaded) 4.3 kg (AK-47) 3.14 kg (AKM)

Weight (loaded) 5,117 kg (AK-47) 3,957 kg (AKM)

Length 870 mm

Barrel length 415 mm

Capacity 30 cartridges and

AKS-74U, AK-74M, AKS-74U, AKS-74U, AK-74U, AK

-74U, AKS-74U

5 Tips for Keeping Accounting in Your Business

The accounting is usually one of the areas most headache causes in organizations, but, in the same way, it is very important that entrepreneurs and businessmen adequately carry accounting information of your company  or simply they risk putting it into financial problems and Legal. Here comes quickbooks project management to management this problems.

It would be very convenient to have a professional who is responsible for keeping the accounts in our company, but if you are the owner or administrator of a small business, you must do this work.

This time I want to share some tips so that accounting management is not a headache in your company. Dare to put them into practice and then tell us how it went.

Carrying the accounting in a company

1. Take advantage of Tic’s:

The time when you had to carry the accounts manually is now behind us. We currently have a multitude of tools, quickbooks accounting training and software that allow us to keep accounting in a more optimal and systematized way. There are free options, ideal for small businesses, and other options a bit expensive, but designed especially for large companies. It is only a matter of searching, comparing and testing the options that fit our needs.

2. Training and constant updating:

The accounting theme is quite complex. New laws and regulations constantly emerge that every company must take into account, for that reason it is essential to be aware of the new developments that arise in this regard.

It is also advisable to take advantage of the educational offer online. There is a diversity of up-to-date accounting courses that can be done through the Internet (some free and other payments). The important thing is to keep us updated and see how we can take advantage of the changes that are generated.

3. Do not ignore the law:

Law is one of the main reasons why accounting is important. Each country has its own rules and laws on accounting matters, but there are also International Accounting Standards (NICs) that regulate accounting procedures in organizations in general.

Ignorance of the law does not exempt us from guilt. It is important to know the laws and see how we can take advantage of them instead of ignoring them and waiting for legal problems to pay attention to them.

4. Order and organization first and foremost:

Accounting management should be efficient and effective. Bring the information of your company in perfect order and you will avoid infinite problems. Remember to support you in the quickbooks accounting program and computer tools.

5. Let yourself be advised by the experts:

Whenever you have a specific doubt or some problem with accounting, it is best to go to some expert on the subject and let you advise for it.  Chambers of commerce and government entities often have professionals willing to support you when you require it.

All right. These are some tips for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who must take care of accounting in their companies , but it is important always to project us to have professionals, experts and quickbooks job costing in each area of ​​our business. Think big and you will get your SME to become a great company.

Do not forget to leave your comment on how you carry the accounting in your company and what advice you can share based on your experience.

Plan a Destination Beach Wedding in Hawaii

While most of the couples end up not having a chance to enjoy each other during the period organizing their wedding or their actual wedding day; There are other alternatives that afford time and money, but still create a distinctive and unique wedding. The solution is to have a hawaii wedding that everyone loves, so, allowing you to be carefree with once again found and having everything arranged beforehand; without stress.

hawaii wedding

Here’s a list of what to do:

Create your own statement by arranging a wedding in Hawaii. You can get married and have a reception in a tropical garden, lush hotel park, sunset beaches or even private estates.To do so from such a distance you will need the services of a planner Wedding or consultant who specializes in Hawaiian weddings. Hawaii, the most blooming and beautiful islands in the Pacific, may be yours for you and your partner’s special day.Do a little research by searching in wedding magazines. Listed near the back of the major wedding magazines are wedding planners for Hawaii. You can also check out the web under Hawaiian Weddings.

Look for a  wedding planner in hawaii that will suit your needs. They all sound wonderful but make inquiries and have all information submitted in writing as well as wedding planners references.For a fixed price, after picking and choosing, everything and everything can be covered for your wedding Be it a private business or a customer list of 300. Find and use the expertise of wedding planners and the only thing you will need to take care of is your wedding outfit. Even announcements and invitations can be arranged. They have the resources to help you find a wedding location, florist, musicians, caterers and photographer that best suit your needs and budget.

Select and choose a hawaii beach wedding packages adapted to your interest and needs. The answer “no” is non-existent when preparing a wedding in Hawaii. The best part is that you can continue with normal daily life. In just one weekend, everything can be planned and organized right up to your champagne toast. Think of extra time that you and your future spouse can spend together. Many planners start making arrangements for your event with just a small deposit and keep in touch with you every week.

Organize Your Wedding License appointment with the wedding planner that the license must be issued on the island you get married on. There is no required blood test or waiting period to obtain a license. The fee for the license is paid directly to the licensing agent. Bring a valid ID, such as permit, birth certificate of a driver and if she has already married, death or divorce certificate. Once you are issued your license, you must bring with you the day of your wedding before the ceremony.

Be happy, as the day of your marriage will be more personal and surely to cherish. The setting alone to shine any dining room with the shiny tropical flowers as they are really fresh. Just think of a complete wedding without the hustle, hassle or expense. The cost of this opportunity will be much less than even a small reception would be at home and your photo album will be ready before you depart on your return flight.

Tips and Warnings

  • The wedding industry is unregulated in Hawaii in order to check with the Better Business Bureau and organizations that requires excellent business ethics to the highest standards in Hawaii.
  • Make sure that the company you are considering working with is insured, as well as some of the suppliers with which they work.
  • Most consultants work in the same price range of making arrangements, so that if someone’s low balls the price dramatically, beware.

What is the Best Cleaning Service in Austin, TX

Nobody likes to clean the house but there is no running away from this task. Now that you know the best home cleaning tips , it’s time to discover some tricks that will make your cleaning routine easier. Maidsway presents you the best housekeeper service in austin on a regular or occasional basis! Complying with a decade of services, we are the leading Professional Cleaning company in Austin, Texas.

Organizing the cleaning material by sectors is half way to greater organization and time savings. Put in a basket the products to clean the bathrooms, in another the material of the kitchen, in another of the room and the rooms, and so on. Being all set to begin, it becomes easier to start. This was suggested by maid service austin tx whom one of the best cleaning company in Texas.

Arriving at a house cared for and clean by Maidsway austin cleaning services is a comfort and a feeling of pleasure that we provide to our Clients. We serve thousands of customers from North to South of the country with dedication and passion for cleaning and organization, contributing to a more comfortable and healthy life of our clients.

Our service of Austin Commercial Cleaning is carried out by teams of two cleaning professionals, with complete training in cleaning methods, chemicals, tools and cleaning machines. Our teams work uniforms and are made up of specialized techniques in order to ensure an effective cleaning, according to the individual priorities of each client.

All household cleaning products and equipment are professionally handled and supplied by Maidsway. Our method is designed so that your house has a level of cleaning and hygiene superior to traditional methods.

You can choose the period you want for cleaning your house maintenance: daily, weekly, biweekly, biweekly or whatever you need. We also offer austin move in – move out cleaning. You will no longer have problems with shortages or unavailability of the maid and will have a house cleaned by cleaning professionals.

10 Tips For Good Healthy Meals

Did you know that study shows that eating enough, limiting red meat or even chewing will keep you in shape. Here’s a list of tips in ensuring a healthy life.

1.  Personally Cooking in your House

This is the best way to consume fresh and seasonal foods, the richest in good vitamins. And what better than a good smell escaping from a saucepan to open the appetite?

2. Forgetting Strict Regimes

Health professionals rarely recommend diets (without salt, without fat …). Modulate its menus according to its tastes and its medical history, yes, but still consuming proteins (eggs, meat …), carbohydrates (sugars) and lipids (fats).

3. Prefer vitamins and trace elements …

The Suvimax study demonstrated the health and pre-aging interest of vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, zinc and selenium at doses available in a variety of diets rich in fruits and vegetables Or frozen).

4. Moderate red meat

Consuming twice a week is enough (once for sausages), the other protein intakes found in white meats, legumes, eggs, fish …

5. Reduce Salt Consumption

To track the salt on hidden labels in prepared dishes, industrial soups, rusks, pizzas … In excess, salt promotes high blood pressure and vascular disorders.

6. Eat enough Food

It is a taboo subject: after 60 or 70 years, the appetite diminishes. Some think they can reduce their contributions. Wrongly! Our muscles always need fuel. The average daily calorie intake is 30 to 40 kcal per kilogram of body weight per day (for a 60 kg person: 1800 to 2400 calories per day) and 1.2 to 1.5 g protein / kg / d (72 to 90 G of protein).

7.  Keeping the rhythm …

Eat at the right time , except occasion. This is the best way to not forget about meals.

8. Place bottles of water …

Since hydrating well is essential to the proper functioning of the body, especially to memorize and protect muscles and tendons, it is a trick to think about drinking. Because, over the years, the receptors of the sensation of thirst become blunted.

9. Moderate alcohol

One or two glasses a day, it’s okay, and it’s better to stop there! Alcohol accelerates the aging of the arteries and the risk of stroke. It is also a risk factor for cancer, an enemy of sleep and intellectual vivacity.

To read: Taking stock of his drinking

10. Always Chew!

It is simple and excellent for digestion . Saliva enzymes accelerate transit, avoid gastroesophageal reflux. Eating slowly makes you feel full , an asset to keep your weight shape. Any benefit! Hence the interest not to neglect his teeth.